Sunday, February 04, 2007

Week-end done

Yesterday I wore my hair to work in a high pony tail. I got two comments! One was from my husband so okay, that one doesn't count. He gave me a compliment and he's biased. The other was from a camper who said she'd remember me because of my long pony. That one was a comment. I think the pony tail style was good for my face. Pulling all my hair high up on my head is like a face lift. Yeah, yeah. I need only a leetle bit more pull to get rid of my under-the-chin-waddle and I'll be set! I just need one super power pony tail. Tomorrow I'll give it a go.

Today I wore my hair in a modified pretzel bun. Very twisty and it turned out kind of pretty. I wished I could have washed it for church, but oh well. I could barely get out of bed at 8:45am as it was. I have to wake up an hour before I go anywhere anymore in order to give my face time to de-puffalize. It's tough being 47. I'm not kidding.

My hair is 35. 75" long. I need to put my hair data back on my sidebar. Don't know if I can place it next to my profile pic like I want to. I'm waiting to get back to 37" then I will be back where I was before I trimmed it.

Today a lady came in to buy an annual camping pass. It's a real good deal in New Mexico. I noticed her birth year on her driver's license was exactly the same as mine, 1959. But egads, I wondered if I looked that old. I don't know. I hope not, but I don't know. I also sold a day pass to a young woman who had her neck tattooed all the way around - and it wasn't hearts and flowers either. Another vehicle had four young people in it. The girls in front were hitting each other about the head and face while arguing about the $5.00 admission fee and then the passenger grabbed at the br**sts of the driver. They both looked at me and laughed as if they were really funny. Can you say, offensive.

At church today I gave $ to the offering. Truthfully, I don't tithe. A tithe is giving ten percent of your gross income. I don't have an income, but my husband does. I give $80 to $100 a month. Today I also gave an offering though. Tithing is your 10% and an offering is anything you give above that amount. My offering to the Lord today was the cash I had planned to use to get my nostril pierced.

I've wanted a piercing for a long time. Since last summer seriously, and since the 90s for reals. I thought, why not! I think they're beautiful. I'm not getting any younger. I've always been shy about my big nose and now that I've accepted that it's mine and it's not getting any smaller, I figured I'd celebrate it. Put a diamond in it! But it's not exactly a Christian thing to do. I did a little research and in fact, it's a totally pagan practice. This made me angry actually because it caused me to think more deeply about poking beautification holes in my body. I really wanted to poke some holes in it. It's a rush. But it temporal, isn't it? The rush of getting pierced, or getting a new tat, is fleeting. It fulfills the fleshly desire, yes. Absolutely. But it passes too quickly. Soon you want one more piercing and another tattoo. I know this. It's much like material possessions. You get some. You like them. You want some more. You get more. Then there's something else you want. Newer, bigger, better than what you already have. And it goes on and on. It goes on and on because things, much like body modifications, do not satisfy.

And so I decided, with some biblical backup freely donated by my grrrlfriend, Fox, to opt out of the piercing. She's brutal with the Bible knowledge, you know. She's so well educated in the books of the Bible and very familiar with Holy Scripture. She never did thrust it in my face, she just put it out there and let it set, that was all. There's an art to doing that, I think.

Now, every time I think of my decision not to pierce, I get a little rush. Don't know how long it'll last, but I like it.

In my home I have almost no religious items. No crosses on the wall, no Jesus sayings on the fridge, no angel figurines, no holy pictures, but I have one thing. In second grade our son made a pencil holder which has a 2"x3" picture of Jesus glued on it. It's one of those stereotypical European Jesus pictures? Looks like Jesus has some blond highlights in his hair! Well, I said it was stereotypical. It's dear to me because our son made it. It's in the living room on his school books shelf. I bought myself a 3" sterling silver crucifix that I love but I haven't made it into a necklace or anything so I've never worn it. I also have a cross inside a key necklace (Jesus is the key, get it?) and the cross is about 1/4" of an inch in length. You have to really look to see it. I used to wear it all the time, but I never do anymore. From time to time I have wanted to get an ornate cross or something religious for our home, usually after I've seen something at someone else's house, but my husband was not for it. Actually, he said no. But then, I agreed with him. I realized that the religious decorations I'd seen often were displayed in homes where spiritual nourishment was not a part of daily of family life.

And so I hope readers are not put off by the obvious religious leaning in my blog design. Honestly, I wanted to use little red crosses for my sidebar icons but I held off. lol! 1Thessalonians 5:17 is my life verse. In my everyday life, I bear no outward signs to draw attention to my religiosity; no veil, no religious jewelry or tee-shirts. I'm just me. I hope the I AM that is within me will be enough to show through.