Friday, February 09, 2007

Vickie aka Anna Nicole

She was a Playboy bunny and that was her claim to fame. CNN is headlining of all things, an email titled Anna Nicole charmed us. One of MSNBC's related headlines is Why we liked Anna Nicole Smith.

Surely the definition of charming is being misconstrued. Anna Nicole was repugnant. She was graced with physical beauty and even that, she wasted. When she spoke, no beauty came out of her mouth. She was self-misogynistic and played herself out. I watched part of her show on tv once. Five minutes of her was all I could take even when I watched tv a lot. But millions watched her I guess, and laughed at her self-destructive tendencies. Or maybe they marveled at her fabulous celebrity life.

She took a wrong road, one of several in her life, when she decided to pursue money. She married for money and I think she should have gotten some, but the amount she seemed to want was far too much. Extended litigation is not good for human beings. It makes the bad all the more rotten. I think she harbored guilt over her son's death five months ago. She knew she done him wrong, and she would have enjoyed the money if he was alive but without him to share it with, she let go. I think her baby girl wasn't with her because she was feeling like letting go. I think the other man is the baby's father. I have nothing to base that on, just a guess. DNA and time will tell. She was such a pig of a woman and she shamed her poor son so badly when they were alive!

I don't know why I feel sad about her being dead. I. Just. Do.