Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's chilly

Today I'm going with friends to Bosque Del Apache to take sunset pictures. It's cold though so I'm going to have to dress warmly. I'm torn because I don't know my new camera as well as my old one. I can get better pictures with my old one, except for sports shots. I can't freeze anything in place with my S2IS but my dSLR does it superbly. But then maybe I should do a short movie when we see the birds take off to roost for the night, instead of photos. It's supposed to be quite a sight and sound. I think I will go and enjoy the experience and take some pictures, instead of telling myself I'm going for pictures. Yeah, I'll use reverse psychology on myself. Sometimes I can take a whole set on my dSLR and none are good because I've used a wrong setting, but then how will I improve if I continue to lean on my old one because I know it better.

Our son got 100% correct on his spelling test today. It's the first time this year. A few times he's been close but made a thoughtless error, such as transposing letters, so he'd get one wrong. Those are the kind of mistakes you hate most of all! He's pretty proud of himself.

I received a wonderful, long email from my daughter-in-law to be. She's working a second job to save money for the wedding, so she's working a full time job plus a part time one. This young lady is not afraid of work. She shared with me all the stuff she's gotten done for the wedding day and all the stuff she still has to do. My gosh, I had no idea there was so much to do for a wedding!

I'm cotton headed today. Having to clear my throat often, but coughing rarely. I feel like an old person reporting on my health. It's so boring but I have a new appreciation of how good it feels to feel good and how I take feeling good for granted. Say, how often do you think of your pinkie toe or your gall bladder? Never. You don't think of them at all unless they stop working. Well, my pinkie toe is fine and my gall bladder too, I only have generalized malaise. It makes me think.