Friday, February 23, 2007

English braid

It's ridickerous, as Tigger would say. I know not to brush my hair too much when it's beyond four days postwash, but I read about a girl who brushed hers daily and was doing NW. So what did I do? I brushed mine. Upset the status quo of my scalp and needed to wash my hair that evening. The good news is, for once, I did a successful scalp wash. I used the plastic hook (it's on a suction cup so I can move it) for my washcloth and hooked my braid up to it instead and it held my hair up high enough so I could wash just the top of my hair without wetting the whole length. It worked. lol! Usually, no, always, when I try to do a scalp wash with a bun and put plastic over it, my hair still gets wet. Frustrating. My bun just wicks up the water like crazy. I'm going to try the hook again and see whether it works a second time or whether it was a fluke incident.

My hair is in an English braid today. It feels nice. Son measured me last night and I'm 36" now. One more inch and I'm where I left off a couple months ago. Yay.

Lent is going pretty well. My husband hasn't cursed a single curse since Wednesday. That's what he gave up for Lent. I was having a tizzy and said I couldn't believe he'll be not cussing for 40 days. Every day I tell him how many days we have to go. Haha! Not cursing is very hard to do. I went for a few months once, then one popped out of my mouth all by itself and ruined my perfect record. More recently, I'm starting anew too often. Seems I get tripped up at about the two week mark. That's twice a month. If I make a boo-boo I start over again. I don't say "Fudge" or any substitute words either because I know what the substitute word is substituting for, so I don't do it. It's majorly hard. It's highly challenging. Once I even cussed in front of my computer, all by myself, as in alone, in the middle of the night. Couldn't blame it on anyone but myself. Then I was really perturbed. It almost nearly made me curse aloud even worse a second time! Almost, but not. I know a guy in Tennessee, he's in his 40's. Never cusses. Ever. The worst he ever says is "Mercy!" He gives me hope.

Nita, thanks for the borax tip! Husband bought some and we'll see if it whitens up our whites.