Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sore throat

I'm still sick. Boo. It's turning into a teeny bit of a cough too. I have to teach anyway.

Big news in the city, and I use the term city loosely. It's a little larger than a village. I think I've mentioned that meth is a problem in the community? Well it's a problem everywhere in the U.S. but the paper ran a story about a person who was busted for laundering a check and rewriting it out to herself for a lot more money.

We volunteers knew something was going on but had no idea what. Apparently money and checks were getting stolen from the metal state park pay tubes but employees have remained tight lipped about it. The whole story is in the newspaper now!

A cancelled check was returned to the bank and then to the rightful owner who recognized it (even though it had been washed) as being a check he wrote to a state park. Big break, but not the biggest. The woman who cashed the check, she wrote her actual driver's license number on the front of the check. Police found her, and a whole lot more. Police credit cards and debit cards and checks at the house. Turns out more people are involved and they've been doing this statewide and these fine people live right here in this tiny little town. Wow. Don't ever think criminals are not in your state and national parks. They're everywhere. The group here is even credited with stealing a dually and trading it straight across for meth.

Our son just received an impromptu geology lesson outside from a camper who who wrote a book about gems and minerals and goes to schools to talk to kids sometimes. He has some grandkids who are homeschooled. Did we luck out or what. He gave us some big old pieces of mica. I love mica! He also gave our son a piece of amethyst and black tourmaline. Tourmaline is cool too. The guy is from Maine and he says there are lots of gems and minerals to be found in Maine.