Friday, February 16, 2007

Choked a little

This morning, I've no idea how, I swallowed my coffee wrong and I had to run to the sink and spit it out and then I was coughing really bad and trying hard to catch my breath. I'm completely lame. I accidently spit, forcefully spewed really, half of my coffee onto my computer screen and keyboard. It was really disgusting. My son was sweet and wiped up the table while I was in the bathroom coughing up a lung and when I walked out my husband says, "Went down the wrong pipe, huh?" He was unfazed. So now he's seen me have a baby, have the flu really bad, and choke on a miniscule bit of liquid. He still kissed me today too. Man, I'm glad I was at home at least. It would be terrible if that happened in front of people. The last thing I typed before my incident was xklxldkj so you know I went completely out of control. I'm going to swallow very carefully now. Later in the morning I tripped over the heater cord in the living room while carrying my coffee and spilled some on the carpet and the kitchen cabinets. Anything the opposite of dainty, that was me today.

My child, except for the action stated above, has been, how do you say, haughty and ill-behaved this week. This afternoon I grabbed his hand and smacked it several times. I really wanted to yank him by the ear, hit his knuckles with a ruler, spank him, and make him kneel on beans, but he's too big. Afterwards, he bucked up and was a different boy. When you're in an small space, and one person is mean and nasty, it makes the whole family and the whole trailer upset. He has been so unpleasant lately with the back talk as in always having one more thing to say. I must have impressed him today because after school he said, "Mamma, I'm going to be better next week. I've been rude this week." He surely has. I told him the proof is in the pudding. This evening he cut his own fingernails and toenails and laid out his clothes for tomorrow neatly. I asked him where my son is because there is a pod person here who looks exactly like him. He laughed. It disappoints me to see my good boy behave badly. He does it at home, not out and about as far as I know. I think like most of us, he saves his worst for his family.

We saw one roadrunner give another roadrunner a stick today. Well, my husband saw it, not me. You know what that means in roadrunner language? Love. It means the male is asking the female to make a nest with him! But she didn't accept it. I sat in the yard (we call the sand in front of our trailer our yard) and the female sat on a pile of wood only three feet away from me for a long time. We were communing. It was cool. We had a watermelon sky sunset. Haven't seen a real good one for awhile. The day was warmish and beautiful.

I have to get up early for work tomorrow. Blech. We need a vacation. Haha!

I almost forgot. I can make a logroll now. I just couldn't understand how to do the twisty thing to make a logroll even though I read the instructions and have tried many times without success for the longest time. Suddenly it came to me. It stays up very well with a stick and feels very snug. Good hairdo!