Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wednesday begins Lent

I think I'm going to give up computer time. I think from 6:00pm on, I will stay off my machine completely. That will be hard! Son is giving up candy but he says he wants to think of a second thing to do also because last year he gave up candy and it wasn't that difficult for him. I was surprised. I thought he'd have a challenging time with it but he didn't. I guess he's like his daddy that way. My husand is a beer drinker and always has been. Even when he prepared for a marathon he drank beer. People couldn't believe it! When he was in a car accident he couldn't drink of course, and he didn't have a bit of a problem not, so, go figure.

The best thing about yesterday is that we decided to add a prayer time to our day. All three of us. That means my husband included. At church our pastor said the average Christian prays 45 seconds per day. My son insisted we have to increase our prayer time. But when to do it? We had to decide. We can't do it before dinner because we say grace and my husband is a real stickler for eating dinner hot. He has a fit if we pray too long before dinner already. So we three settled on after dinner. And not only did we pray after dinner (together, woohoo!) my husband said he wanted to do a Bible reading. And he did. He chose to read a chapter from Job. Remember John Kerry? News media set him up so bad once. Asked him what was his favorite part of the Bible, New Testament or Old. He says new. Okay. Then they asked him what his favorite book in the Bible was. He says the Book of Job. lol! Job is in the Old Testament of course.

We're off to Las Cruces for the day. Each of us has a list. I need Oil of Olay SPF moisurizer, a few clothes, some avocado oil, and Giovanni hair products, and craft sticks.