Saturday, February 03, 2007

My letter from Jules

This is the email Jules wrote to me (and I asked her if I could post part of it here). It fits me to a tee! I keep a very tight heart. But lots of people keep a tight heart, don't you think? After reading this, I suddenly felt less at loose ends.

There was something you wrote recently that prompted me to reply, but I've just not got around to it. You might have already resolved it - or perhaps it didn't bother you as much as I thought - but I just wanted to respond anyway.

You mentioned that you couldn't pinpoint a day and time when you were saved. I had a friend who grew up in the church and for a long time this used to bother her too until someone pointed out that for some there is a slow progression from unbelief to belief that's not apparent until afterwards and then it's impossible to pinpoint the exact moment it occurred.

I think C. S. Lewis is one 'famous' Christian who also had a similar experience. The important thing is knowing that we are saved and the Holy Spirit testifies within ourselves that we belong to Him. On the other hand, it's also important that we don't deceive ourselves and say we're Christians when we're not.

(((Thanks Jules.))) Thank you for the assist. I've taken a big step, a giant sized leap forward. And I am still on my feet.