Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spring must be coming

The squirrel is awake! He's decidedly thinner than the last time we saw him. I think he was sleeping in his burrow during the winter. He and a covey of quail, two thrashers, and two doves are out in front right now.

I'm waiting for the roadrunners to arrive. I'm watching out the window.

Canon received my rebate paperwork on the 23rd of January. I mailed it in on December 1st. Their web site says I didn't submit the warranty card. I'm pretty sure I did.

Was reading just last night on DPReview's site. Found an extremely long thread about folks not getting their rebates this year for various reasons ranging from never received by Canon to missing paperwork, so I went to Canon's site to check on my own rebate. Discovered that I fall under the missing paperwork. One guy at DPReview conceded that he wouldn't be getting his rebate because Canon said he was missing some documentation and he couldn't find his duplicates. What an idiot, I thought! All he would have had to do was resubmit. Me, I was ready.

This morning I went to the drawer where I thoughtfully placed my own copies last December. They ain't there. Gone missing. I carefully read it over a dozen times before mailing it in. I even sent it certified mail to avoid Canon saying they never received it and the receipt is in my wallet. Can't find my paperwork anywhere now. I've torn the trailer apart looking for my rebate submission.

I have no further comment on this topic.