Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Last calendar

So I adjusted my 2007 calendars. Took out the photo of the great white egret that had green tummy feathers from the reflection of the green grass and replaced it with a tranquil picture of two deer. Added captions. This is the email we got from Ron:

Thank you for the absolutely wonderful calendar!!!!! [Our son's name here] sure looks like Dad, so many years ago! Better tell him early, not to put two way radios in his back pocket!!! The pictures are awesome, not just the color but the content!!! Liliana not only has super photographic talent, but also a great appreciation of the beauty of nature, all its creatures and majesty!!!

I can't imagine the patience that it must take to get a beautiful bird to look into the camera, catch two deer looking so agile yet curious and my favorite the squirrel eating pumpkin out of a cut pumpkin!!! It would seem to me that every month of this calendar should win a prize!!!!

I learned an important lesson, and that is that captions really personalize it. Also learned that photos on a computer screen and in print can come out very different. Ron was being extra nice too.

As for the two way radio comment. Let me elaborate.

My husband worked in plant maintenance in the automotive industry before he retired. Years ago when he was in his 30s and eons before I met him, he'd apparently been on a sizzling hot date. He and another guy, as the story goes, may have been bragging to each other a bit as they were walking from one job to another? My husband calls it 'telling lies' when men get together and the stories get bigger and bigger as they attempt to outdo one another. Anyways, my very dear husband must have told a pretty good one about his date night. It's legendary now.

As he was telling the story, unbeknownst to him, his two way radio was still switched to its on position in his pocket. He'd forgotten to switch it off, and people from every level in the maintenance department from employees on the floor on up to top echelon management had been regaled by his story! All my husband's old friends that I meet know about this incident. That's why Ron said our son better not keep two way radios in his back pocket!