Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Today is Tuesday

It is cold here! It's 31 degrees and supposed to get down to 21. We're nice and cozy in here though. And! we have no electricity bill because we live in a trailer with hook-ups. Rah rah!

I just finished baking chocolate chip cookies (to go with the tuna sandwiches). The first two batches were burnt so I had to turn the oven down from the requisite 375° to 325°. I threw away the first batch but kept the second batch because in three days even burnt chocolate chip cookies might taste pretty darn good.

Does cold make you tired? Because I've been so tired three nights in a row.

People are paying our son for little odd jobs he does. They are so kind. Remember when he took care of Patches the Scary Dog? It was a bit of work you know, driving down there three times a day. For better or worse I've taught our son that when people give him money to refuse it; to say thanks but no thanks. Ninety-nine percent of the time folks insist on paying him and they love when he refuses it because most kids don't. He's real sincere! Well, he did like I taught him with Patches. The family offered to pay him, in fact they offered in the beginning, but when they came home and said they had to go to the bank, our dear son said, "No, no, no. I won't take money. I liked doing it." Bless his heart. But I admit, I didn't tell him but I was a little upset. However, it's been a couple weeks now and I know this family struggles financially and I'm sorry I was so greedy feeling. My son did a good thing when he refused payment. The husband works hard and the wife is a SAHM who quit a high paying, high powered job in the science field before they moved to this tiny town. Their life is much different than a few years ago. My son, he has a better heart than I have at times.

I skipped ladies Bible study tonight. My hair is dirty and I didn't want to go, not even in a tight bun. I didn't go to the showers today because the high was 37°. I'm tough, but not that tough. About 45° I can do. That's the lowest I want to be in. Our trailer shower doesn't have enough pressure for my long hair, only ten minutes of hot water, and the alternative, washing it in a pail, is a lot of bending over work.

My length is 35 1/2, so I'll be at least that for February 1 measure-in, although I'm doing my measure-in by myself now. I don't feel alone though.