Saturday, January 13, 2007

New underwear

Today was busy. We worked in the Visitor's Center from 7:30am to 11:30am, came home and ate lunch and drove to Las Cruces. I went to Dillard's! I didn't know the sales would be so big. Sales everywhere. Shoes everywhere were killer cute, but alas I cannot wear pretty shoes in the dirt.

I got three p*nty/br* sets. Hopefully the asterisks in there will keep me off Google. All but one item was on sale. They're all pretty too. One set is PURPLE. One set is burgundy. One set is red and pink flowers and leopard print. My husband laughs and laughs at leopard prints but I like them. I would never have bought the leopard print set but the br* was only $9.99. How can I pass that up? Of course. I can't.

It seemed like we flew the whole the way home, 70 miles one way. Why is it the drive is so long getting there, but getting home is like the blink of an eye. Maybe because you are so happy with your new stuff.

Told my husband I blogged tuna fish sandwiches last night. I guess I've got him craving one now. He bought two big cans of albacore in spring water. Tomorrow guess what we're having for lunch.