Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My new used shea butter

I told my husband I needed shea butter and he said he'd go by the natural foods store and pick some up for me. To avoid error, I wrote down on a piece of paper

shea butter,
100% pure,

and I told him don't buy it if it's not refined and not 100%. He bought me some!

But I open it up and it's half gone. Used. Used a lot. Who knows how many fingers have swiped through it or where those fingers have been. So yes, he bought me refined, 100% pure shea butter, but it's also the tester jar. It has a sticker on the front says


and I guess the cashier didn't notice it either.

Yesterday he sat in the chair and broke it. I've told him to quit throwing his body down when he sits and see, he shoulda listened to me. He steps heavily a lot too. When he steps out of the trailer he rocks the whole thing. When he steps down the three stairs in here, he rocks the whole thing. I tell him, hold in your abdominal muscles when you step and don't throw all your 200 pounds of weight on your feet. Does he listen to me at all? Nooo. And now the chair is broke.

But I got my torso harness for my camera yesterday (we mail order everything) and took the thing out and darn if I had any idea how to put it on. It holds the camera against your body so it doesn't tap, tap, tap on your tummy when you walk. You can hike more comfortably and it even takes some of the weight of the camera off of your neck. Here's a picture of a tuff girl modeling it. Her lens is a leettle (cough, cough) bigger than mine. I put that thing on ten different ways wrong. I'd have never figured it out. My husband fiddled with it and put it on me and fixed it to fit and now I like it a lot. He spent 20 minutes figuring it out! I'd have returned it if he hadn't helped me. Men have an eye for how things work and how things go together. My husband helps me a lot. I guess maybe it's a good trade-off...even it he does break chairs and buy me tester items at the store.