Thursday, January 04, 2007

The poor agave plant

I just realized I forgot to put a deer picture in the calendar. Too late! The ordering is done. I used an agave plant photo in its place because I overlooked the deer in my portfolio and though I am quite fond of the agave myself, I'll have to wait and see if anyone else appreciates it. The sky is pretty in the background.

This agave, a succulent, fits in the calendar because he gave all his moments to the creatures of the Sonoran desert. I guess he was very tasty. He's chewed up because the cottontails and the hares and I don't know what else nibbled at him every night. I went to see him this year and he's dead. Very, very dead. But he could have been magnificent. The Century plants, and I think that's what kind of agave this is, bloom once a century. I don't think he got a chance to bloom. The Sonoran desert can be a hard, cruel place.

My husband just asked why there are no captions under the calendar photos. I didn't add any this year. Oh noooooooo! I thought it looked nice without them but I suppose captions would have made it more interesting and personal. I didn't like how Shutterfly made them slightly indented instead of centered last year and it was doing the same thing this year.

Next year I'll do better. That's what I say now and next year I'll be exactly the same.