Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We're having awful terrible satellite outages. All night long even, and I hate that. My husband thinks our modem is dying and needs replacement.

One of my favorite things now is putting the truck in four-wheel drive and revving it up and pulling in the driveway. I do a small 360 in the dirt and bounce all around like a tuff grrrl and this way I can pull in straight instead of at an angle.

I'm loving my Tuesday night Bible study and I'm enjoying my Women of Faith discussion board. It's the only board I'm still visiting, but the real life study and online fellowship complement each other well. And tonight I even had déjà vu.

I know it has different definitions and some say it's just a blip in the brain, but I have always felt it to mean that I am in the place I'm supposed to be. I got it when I was typing a post to Kara and Fox, so I think I am supposed to know them. God sent them to me. Well, that's kind of dramatic and selfish sounding, but I'm glad I know them. I usually get déjà vu at a new job, so this is a new situation for me to get it.

The baby is doing much, much better! His daddy gave him his first bottle of mother's milk and burped him today. The baby's breathing is still sporadic, but much improved. I'll bet they will give him a date to go home soon.

I feel generally good. I feel almost euphoric for some reason. I jogged yesterday. I drank a glass of water today. Um, tomorrow I'm going to drink a whole lot more water. They say it's good for you; eight or nine glasses a day.

You should drink some water too.