Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm gonna be a digital media babe

Got my book yesterday. Photoshop CS2 RAW by Mikkel Aaland. Heard the recommendation from Leo Leporte the Tech Guy on KFI FM - a radio show that we stream a lot. He's smart and knows all the newest and coolest info on 'puters.

I've been a travel babe, a photography babe, a middle eastern dance babe and now I'm going to learn to use RAW format and become a digital media babe. (My husband calls me that. For the record, I never walk around and refer to myself as any kind of babe. But I do like to use the phrase digital media now. Nice ring to that!) JPG format is about 2.5 megs and RAW is about 9.5 megs. RAW data is like a digital negative. It contains all the information just like a film negative does and you can interpret the data. It requires a lot more time for post processing, but I've learned that most of the photos that grab me...they've been post processed more extensively than I know how to do.

Soon I shall know ze secrets too!