Sunday, January 07, 2007

You're tagged

Gotcha. Sorry. I got double tagged by Kim and Christina.

Five (5) Things You Don't Know About Me

How's a blogger supposed to answer this when everything a blogger blogs is something no one knows about them?

1) Folded over potato chips are my favorite and I always look in the bag and root around to fish them out first.

2) In 1990 I wore a pair a pretty thigh highs to work instead of pantyhose. They're so comfy because you don't have more stuff binding you at the waist, and they're beautiful. Unfortunately, I also used baby oil as my all over moisturizer that morning. A key point is that baby oil and "Stay Up" thigh highs really don't work well together. ...Parked my car, walking to work and, uh oh, one starts falling down. Then the other starts falling down. I mean, all the way down - they're flopping around by my ankles. A lady walked by me and I apologized to her. Realizing I could not walk into the office like this, cool as a cucumber I stopped at the corner stoplight (it was red anyways) and set down my lunch, my thermos, my folders and my purse, and slipped off the evil thigh highs and tucked them in my purse. At lunch I drove all the way home to fetch some pantyhose to cover my white, white legs.

3) In 1979 I had an abortion. My IUD didn't work. If anything the anguish and sorrow increases with time, not decreases. The knowledge that something safe in my womb - I had it killed - repulses me now. It is the greatest mistake of my life. At the time I thought I had no choice. I took a taxi to the hospital by myself. Abortion is not a federal or a legal issue. It's a moral issue. It should never have gone before the Supreme Court in 1973. Everything that makes a human being a human being is present from the very moment of conception. I don't need the Supreme Court to tell me what constitutes and baby and what does not. The Supreme Court is wrong.

4. In 5th grade we lived in El Centro (very low income, Hispanic/migratory population). Miguel Carrillo liked me best, probably because I was white and smart, and so the Mexican girly girls would follow me home after school, taunting me and threatening me the whole way because they didn't like that he liked me. The girls also hated me because I was the top grade 5 student. It was a rough year! I did comb my hair a lot too and they hated that. Haha!

5. I have a mole on my upper lip, left side, right on the lip line. I constantly bounce between thinking it is a pretty part of me or an ugly part of me. When I dance I think it is exotic and sets me apart. One day my father told me it looks disgusting like the third stage of cancer. My husband and son say it is nice and got upset when I mentioned removing it. Once a doctor said to me, "You don't want to take that one off, do you?" Maybe it depends on people and how they see you.