Saturday, January 27, 2007

Vacuumed up a giraffe leg

This morning I wake to see child sized footprints made of sand through the hall, on the stairs, and in livingroom. My husband said, "There's sand in here." As if my bleary eyes can't see it. I can follow them from the front door to where? The bathroom. So I vacuumed. I shook the rugs. Sand in my hair and now a giraffe leg in the vacuum bag.

And why did I type 'surprise' with a 'z' the other day and why did no one tell me?

Husband is gone to buy a HoneyBaked Ham. He'll be back in about, what, six hours. I cleaned everything up when he went to the market so he'd be a happy pappy cooking in a clean trailie. But alas, the market that has awesome ham hocks daily had not a single one today, so he can't make the dish he was going to make for the potluck tonight. He's getting the ham instead.

I'm toying with the idea of bidding on this dress. I was thinking also about wearing a Chinese dress like this. (Cheongsam means dress in I think, Cantonese. Or it's also called a qipao, pronounced chee-pow.) I'm wasting way too much time fretting over it. The Gunne Sax dress doesn't have the neckline of first choice for me. And the cheongsam I love above all others is this one! But it's not quite afternoon spring wedding color, is it. It could be perceived as pretentious, do you think. But it is oh, so pretty!

So I just spent 45 minutes composing this (I'm doing laundry, making lunches and stuff) and now...there's sand on the carpet where I just vacuumed.