Saturday, June 30, 2007

Moose sighting

We've been blessed by several moose sightings right here in the campground! Yesterday we saw this female and her calf.

I had already gone into the trailie to download my pics and I missed a great commotion outside. The baby lost (thought he lost) his mother and he hauled across the campground just about eight feet from my husband and ran in and then out of the forest looking for his mom. He was really upset. He found her a minute later but it was a long minute to him! She wasn't far away but the baby would start eating and forget to follow her. Mom was calm, unperturbed, the whole time. And she didn't mind people with cameras around although no one ventured too very close! You never, never want to find yourself between a mother and baby in the wild, and everyone froze while the baby was running around. Even all the kids in the campground froze!