Saturday, June 09, 2007


Meh! about sums it up. I took crummy pictures of cows today, crummy pictures of neo-gothic architecture today, crummy landscapes.

I haven't used my new boar bristle brush because I want to keep it really clean. That's one way to go about it, eh? Never use it.

Otherwise, it was a pretty day. Sunny and lovely. The park has lots of children for the week-end and that's good. Husband phoned his eldest sister and had a nice conversation with her. She's a sweet lady. But she said she's unhappy and that makes us so sad. Her husband, who was a delight I must say, passed on a few years ago. Now she has arthritis so painful that she uses a walker. I feel so bad for her. She used to work as an administrator for the public school and they live in a tiny house in an upscale community. When we visited her last she said our son was very mature. Hehe! He was a good boy while we talked at length and that impressed her. I wonder when we'll see her again. She wrote down my husband's email address with great difficulty. The arthritis has gotten her fingers too. It breaks my heart to know she she is unhappy and in pain. My husband is writing her right now.