Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's just love

Last night while brushing my teeth my ten-year-old son reached across the sink. Totally accidentally I dribbled a slobbery blob of spitty Colgate onto his forearm. I apologized profusely through a mouthful of foamed up toothpaste and he smiled so sweet and calmly rinsed off his arm. Knock me over with a feather. If anyone, especially one of my parents had spit toothpaste on me I'd have had a complete spaz.

After dinner I told my husband what happened and how mortified I was to spit on my kid, and our son piped up with "Aw, it was love." He said he knew he was taking a chance when he reached across the sink! When he was a tot we used to say baby drool was angel water and I think his reaction is somehow related to that.

I don't know how we ever ended up with this child but he gives us a lot of joy.