Friday, June 08, 2007

New BBB brush

I bought a new boar bristle brush today. Had to. It's a Goodie and I found it by accident at the Superstore. Superstores are in Canada and they're pretty nice. My old one of two years stinks. I've washed it with hot water and soap and let it dry out but it still stinks. Plus there's lint all through it. I picked all the lint out once. I'm not doing it again. I don't know how people keep the link out of a boar bristle brush.

And my husband asked why did I buy it. What kind of question is that? Because I need it, of course. I need it to smooth my hair down and distribute the leave-in oil, I told him. Heidi says so. I didn't tell him that. When he was out I put the old one in the trash and pushed it way down to the bottom so hopefully he won't see it and won't pester me about it some more.

This one I'm not using on dirty hair, only on clean hair. That's my new plan.

I bought new reading glasses too. Number 1.50. My old ones have been lopsided for a month. Every time I put them on I'd be fighting them to try to make them straight. Very annoying. But that's all over now. They cost $9.99 but at home they would have been $5.99.