Saturday, June 02, 2007

June gloom?

I've got the jimmy finger tonight. I uploaded my photo then I deleted it and now I've uploaded it again. I have to control my mouse hand so I don't jab that delete key again.

Son's mouth is healing well.

We drove to see the lighthouse, and drove and drove and drove. We were saying, "Hey, I remember that store, and that corner, and that sign. We've been here already." The signage was a fright. We went on a loop that looped around and brought us back where we started. We finally came home. The light was poor anyway. I wonder if they have cloudy weather through June like San Diego does.

I did see a sight that stood out. We were driving through a ritzy neighborhood. The homes were owned by the ultra wealthy. They're right on the water with architecture and landscaping that is spectacular. Well, we drove by a field on a bluff that stood out visually because it was all hay colored and had bumps as if there were miniature piles of hay uniformly about. The blue of the ocean was in full view and a gorgeous view it was, including a harbor to the left. In the middle of the hay colored field (surrounded by a sea of some of the greenest, lushest foliage I have ever seen and this is why it stood out) was a slim, young woman with short hair. I noticed her hair, yes. She was sitting yoga style facing the ocean, hands on her knees, wearing a white tank top, and as we were 3/4 past I could see she turned her head to the side. Her dog, a golden retreiver sat obediently about 20 feet away, and I think she was telling him something. He was sitting and gazing at the ocean just like she was. You can tell me I'm wrong but I think they were meditating together. Maybe our truck was a distraction and she was reminding him to stay. She must have been very, very, very, very rich but she had arms and legs and a head just like me! Why was she meditating today? It was a pretty sight. Three seconds of eye candy that makes you sit back in your seat and think of other people and their lives - until the next sight catches your eye.

Do you think I saw this piece of trash in a state park on the U.S. side or the Canadian side? Answer: U.S. side. Canadians have a reputation for having no trash on their roads or parks. There's not much garbage on the roadside there and rarely in the provincial or national parks. Since we work as volunteers in a campground part of the year we're used to picking up trash. We don't mind doing it, but it's a shame folks drop their garbage on the ground. The trash can was only a few feet away. Yeah, shucks, of course I put it in after I took the pic!