Monday, June 18, 2007

We are in Nova Scotia!

I am here! It's beautiful and everything I'd hoped for. I have to qualify that by saying I've only gone to the Visitor's Center and the Superstore and this campground. Haha! I crack myself up. But tomorrow we will take a drive down the south shore and we'll be seeing a famous lighthouse and fishing village. I saw one lighthouse already, Cape Enrage, and though I'll always remember it as my first, Cape Enrage is not impressive. It's small and has lots of electrical wires going to it. This is bad for photography. Nevertheless.

When we were at the shopping center a lady walked right up to us and welcomed us to Nova Scotia. It was so nice, wasn't it? I kept checking the parking lot while we were in the supermarket to be sure our rig was okay. You know that joke (Hi Mermayd!) that says if you make eye contact with a Californian they take it as an act of aggression? Heh. I am too careful, but that's okay.

We are thinking of taking the Cat (that's a giant catamaran ferry boat) from Nova Scotia back to Maine instead of driving. And we're thinking of not going to Newfoundland at all, and going to Cape Breton National Park. Our plans change like the wind. Hopefully we'll have the bulk of what we want to see up here seen by next month and can head back to the states...before fuel prices rise. My husband thinks they're going to rise to $4.00 per gallon this year. I don't want to be up here when or if that happens, eh! Better to be closer to home base.

The visitor center was great. There was a young girl playing bagpipes in front. What a nice touch. I bought a tee shirt that's brown for $16.00 and says a bunch of funny stuff about what a pirate says. This area has a history for shipbuilding because it's a maritime province.

The photo today is from Fundy National Park, the Dickson Falls hiking trail. The day was both sunny and cloudy and warm. Muggy warm if you're hiking and there were bugs flying about. The walk was still worth it, and lush green all through it. You hear the waterfall before you see it and then the trail follows the stream and you are surprised by a bigger waterfall than the first one! My photo, I am disappointed with it. I wanted dreamy, artsy water but it came out in between dreamy and real life. And if I had it to do over, see the tree branch on the right? The one hanging over the wooden bridge? If I did it over again I'd stand behind those branches and have them crossing in front of the falls in the frame. Ah well. Live and learn. Next time, next waterfall.