Thursday, June 07, 2007

I found a trail

I waited till my husband and son would go with me and we walked for about 45 minutes. I was scared to go by myself! When we were at Custer State Park we talked with a couple who volunteered and I admired the wife because she walked a trail every day by herself. She was in her fifties and had great legs. I figured I'd do the same thing some day, but here I am chicken hearted. Oh well.

There's a stream in these woods but not much in the way of wildlife. I guess there's so much space that the critters figure, why be where the people are. I saw some deer poops (I'm such the pioneer) so I know they're here. Other than the poops, we saw three teensy squirrels and four crows. We have to hold down our excitement. It seems that Canada doesn't really open till June 22nd. We're a bit early for the parks! You'd think we'd know by now but we just storm on through. I should be careful what I ask for. One day it's crowded where we are and the next day - not. I will photograph the campground before we leave. It's big and beautiful but only a handful of folks in the 225 sites! Today was sunny and tomorrow is supposed to be too. Sun is good. Need sun!