Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's Wednesday

I am here by myself! The men have gone to the flag shop in the city. I had two cups of coffee and two (two!) custard filled, chocolate covered Bavarian donuts. Mmmmm.

I'm getting ready to choose a lighthouse image to upload. I bracketed, now I have to figure out how to blend the bracketed images. You take a standard photo, then one underexposed and one overexposed, and you can blend them for highlight and lowlights. Theoretically speaking. And I have them in raw format too which should help if need be. I worried terribly about being at a one time location (I'll never be there again) with one chance to get a decent shot and blowing it. I'm not confident with my dSLR yet. It's so much to learn. I feel like a slow learner.

My husband drove me all the way back to Peggy's Cove for a sunset shot. We got home and then I went to sleep with sweet dreams last night thinking about post processing them. It was as good as my pink and purple floating hearts dream!

My husband was surpised by the number of photogs with tripods who were there for the sunset. I was too. We drove up to the parking lot and saw they were scattered all around the rocks with their "spots" scoped out, tripods at the ready! Waiting. Waiting for the sun to go down. I smiled at a couple of the photographers but they didn't smile back. Two out of two didn't smile back. There are a lot of men photographers. Grumpyish men. A nice couple asked me to take their photo with their camera and I did. The lady laughed and asked if I knew how to operate their little camera and I laughed too, but seriously I was worried about whether I'd do it right! The first one, the sky was blown out (that means all white) and I said it was not going to look good, so they asked me to take another and the second one showed them and the sunset colors in it. Good. I hope it turns out for them and isn't blurry. They said they were sorry to bother me and would let me get back to my work, and I felt embarrassed. It's not work! I guess they see tripods and big lenses and they figure you must be something or someone which I am not.

The sunset was not spectacular, but there was some color. I must go to my digital darkroom now! Wish me well. I will never be this way again. (Reminds me of a song...)