Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

This was the view from where we took our walk today. We saw a waterfall too. Lots of clouds as you can see but the sun did peek out now and then. We once saw some Canadians swimming in a freezing cold lake with no sun and they were singing this song:

Sun, sun
Golden Mr. Sun
Won't you please shine on me!

I've been singing the first two lines in a sweet sing-song voice and the last one I belt out in a big yell. Haha! Mr. Sun is not paying me any mind.

I did some beauty stuff tonight and it didn't turn out. Boo. I think my hair turned out pretty well though. I used white vinegar rinse because the water here is a little brown. I wonder why. Rust? I don't know. It tasted fine in my chicken noodle soup and added nice color. I think I can tell it's humid here. My hair is a little different. It's soft, the ends not dry in the least. I always put in a bit of leave-in but I'm not sure if I should put any tonight. The shower is the kind with no temperature knobs and I had to push it every 15 seconds to keep water flow. They have no idea who they are dealing with. This is me, Liliana! I will push that knob ten billion times if I have to to wash and rinse my hair.

We're debating going to Halifax (that's next door in Nova Scotia), or Newfoundland, and/or P.E.I next. Took me half an hour to figure out P.E.I. stands for Prince Edward Island. It is a province unto itself!

Each time we move I worry that the satellite dish won't work. This time my husband spent literally all day getting it going. He just persevered. Technical support is non-existent because we're mobile. Their idea of help is to send a tech person within three months. I'm afraid the farther north we go it will stop working soon.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I miss my pastor.