Friday, June 01, 2007

The Dandelion

The jury is in and we're staying in Maine a couple more days! Then we're going up to Canada. :)

We shopped around and found a campground for cheaper, that's nicer, and what? It's right on the coast with a big, giant, beautiful ocean view!

Today our son fell off of a fence he was walking on, with my husband watching, (don't ask why for there is no good reply to this) and his top lip is so swollen he looks like Donald Duck. No broken teeth, so that's good. Hopefully the swelling will go down a lot overnight. I think he looks kind of cute but he's not too happy. The inside has an imprint of his teeth and will take probably a week to heal.

I don't have any worries of my own so I worry for other people and now I have a herpes sore on my nose. It's supposed to at least be on my lip, but no, strangely, it has chosen to make its appearance upon my nose. So it hurts and I also look like Mrs. Santa Claus. The end of my nose is a little puffy in a weird way and a little red and now it's getting a sore right barely on the outside of my nostril. Guess it's a good thing I didn't get that nose piercing last year, eh.

Tomorrow I think I will see a real lighthouse. It's not red and white and blue, just white. But it is a lighthouse.