Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday again

What can I do with a foggy day? I've never photographed in the fog before. I went out and photographed anyways and am glad I did.

This little tree is on the Atlantic coast of Cape Breton Island. Cape Breton (pronounced Britain) is actually part of Nova Scotia but they like to think of themselves a bit separately and have their own flag even. In 1955 a causeway was built to connect the island to the mainland peninsula of Nova Scotia, so it's easy to drive here now. The Strait of Canso is the deepest natural harbor in North America and the causeway is the deepest in the world. What's a causeway I wondered. It's a raised road or path supported from the bottom instead of from the top like a bridge. The rock quarried for this one amounts to over ten million! tons from nearby Cape Porcupine. Maybe I should have a photograph of the causeway here instead of a tree? Hey, don't bother me with details!

Second fog picture. Lobster fisherman putting out lobster pots at Lakies Head. Lobster season here is May and June. They go out in all kinds of weather.

The Roman Catholic Saint-Pierre church (St. Peter in English) in Cheticamp, Cape Breton Island, on the famous Cabot Trail. Built of stone in 1892.

Today we're going back to the St. Lawrence side (west side is on the Gulf of St. Lawrence) today and I hope to go inside the church for a look.

Taken from the distance last week when we were on the mainland - the most photographed lighthouse in the world - Peggy's Cove Lighthouse.