Sunday, July 01, 2007

Walking today

This is the trail I walked today. I've taken so many pictures of trails I walk and they all look like plain old trails! This one I thought looked a little interesting though. I found two lady slipper flowers at the beginning of the path! I'm going back with my little camera to try to take some close-ups. My DSLR doesn't do macro.

We saw a bald eagle atop a conifer tree at the beach in the afternoon. They've been taken off of the endangered species list as of last week. He was magnificent.

It is Canada Day. Happy Canada Day, Canada! This park is much quieter than the one we were at last year. Year before last we spent Canada Day at Moberly Lake Provincial Park in British Columbia and it was a bit wilder!

My hair is 38 inches today! I washed it today and it turned out nice. I can tell a difference in it on this island. There's more moisture in the air than what we're used to in New Mexico and I think it's good for my hair. It might like the brown water here too. lol! There's lots of iron in the water at the park. It's potable but I see people taking jugs to fill up at the fire hose station because for some reason the water is less brown there.

I'm back! I went and got a picture of a wild Lady's Slipper. After I went back and found the original plant I looked around and found seven more plants! They're of the orchid family and grow in forested areas that have calcium in the soil and they like dappled shade. That describes this little pink slipper to a tee. And they grow in pairs often. Very interesting flower. In the 1800's and 1900's their roots were used for tooth aches and muscle spasms, but they're so hard to cultivate so they aren't used much as an herbal medicine.

My connection is giving out. It goes out every night but I shan't complain. I'm glad to able to get on at all.