Wednesday, July 11, 2007

South Dakota today

Call us driving fools! We're getting lots of miles under this old truck. Tomorrow we will make it to our destination the next state over. We drove 11 hours today. While talking today we decided for next year...less driving! Have you looked at a map lately? Run your finger from Nova Scotia to South Dakota. We drove since last Friday through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire (20 minutes), New York, Pennsylvania (just a teeny corner), Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and just made S.D. tonight. Serenity now!

We had a tire blow out in Ohio. That was excitement we can do without. Praise the Lord, my husband was able to fix it and it didn't happen in a bad area. We had a brief but hard rain yesterday. One night it was getting a little iffy as to whether we would find a campsite. Two campgrounds we went to were full. I was getting edgy because I don't want my husband driving after dark. We needed a place for the night. We passed a sign on the road and took a chance and went to the campground. They gave us a site. Yay. A funny thing is we were there earlier in the season and were practically the only campers in the whole place but now campgrounds are hopping. They were full to the brim with families, kids, and dogs having fun, and the employees were frazzled.

I saw my first red fox ever. Only for a flash because he was hunting by the trees as we drove by, but it was pretty neat. Saw a white tail deer and a few raptors including a bald eagle. And best of all, horses. I love horses and I got to see two running together across a big grassy field one morning - tails and manes a-flyin'! Awesome.

Sorry I don't have a picture for today. I haven't downloaded a thing. Everything is still in my camera because I'm tired every night.

I had a case of awful anxiety in the northeast. I object to anxiety. Where's my gavel? The traffic was heavy and not fun to go through with a big trailer. My husband had to concentrate on the road, navigation, and other drivers every moment. The trees give us claustrophobia. I know it's a purty part of the country and surely has its own unique flavor but I can't take it for more than a month. We're in the open now. Corn fields go on forever. My anxiety left as soon as we hit the open road and easy driving. We have no plans to go back to the east anymore. At Flying J's I threw out the Woodall's for the eastern states. I grew up in the city and couldn't have imagined myself as anything other than a city girl, but the populated areas don't appeal to me anymore.

I have to go to bed. The boss says so. Haha! I believe the campground at our destination has Wi-fi and I'll be able to post for the next five days! I will have some pictures ready. Oh yeah, we saw a few crop dusters today. They must have fun the way they fly.

My thanks to the prayers out there who have prayed for traveling mercies for us. Thank you.