Saturday, July 28, 2007

Joyner Ridge Trail

I haven't walked the trail yet but I'm going to. This place is one of the best places to photograph Devils Tower. The trail around the base of the tower is super popular but you don't get the perspective that you can out here. We saw the moon rise here tonight. I stood and waited patiently by my tripod. It was really lovely. Tomorrow is the full moon you know.

I missed the photography class on Friday because it rained but they offered them again (beginning and intermediate level) today so I attended both today. It was GREAT. It wasn't what I expected though. The teacher, who really is a photog professor and a successful photographer, uses film. I got to use a real 4x5 camera which is the kind used in a studio. She called it a friendly dinosaur. Haha! It was big and heavy and I learned about f stops and how to do depth of field. I'm going to practice more tomorrow. I met a couple who just started full-timing and enjoyed their company very much. They're campground hosts at the monument. Really nice people and they have a delightful travel blog. They don't realize it but they have imbued me with the joie de vivre I seek.

Will someone tell tomorrow to hurry up and get here? I can't wait!