Monday, July 30, 2007

Moon rise behind a hill

The moon is dark because of the atmosphere but when it rose higher it was whiter. It was really pretty. Prettier than the picture. I'm going to go out tomorrow night and try again. The edges of my moon aren't as smooth as I think they should be when I crop it. I'm mortified. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight! Oh noooooo!

What did I do wrong? Maybe it's because I didn't turn off the Image Stabilization on the lens while I was on the tripod. Well, I wasn't really on the tripod but my camera was on the tripod. I was in a chair.

I used the timer. I used mirror lock-up. I used my hand-me-down from the '80s tripod. But it just occurred to me. Maybe I have to enable mirror lock-up each time I start the camera. I just checked it and it's not on. I thought it was enabled. I think it was disabled. Oh dear, I have a headache.