Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have a new lens!

It's bigger than I imagined. It's...big. My husband was laughing and laughing as I walked towards him with this thing hanging off my camera. He was at the laundry and so he could see me walking from the trailer to there. And I said, "So am I beautiful?" Hehe. Well that's how it is if you want the zoom and I do want the zoom. It's not the kind of lens you want to point at people though, or kids, or buildings. I guess in the city they might think you're a terrorist or something. I was so excited I went out and took a bunch of shots, nothing any good because when I downloaded them I realized my settings were all wrong. I thought, "DOH, no wonder these looks so grainy!" I was really worried. I had left my ISO on 1600 from last night at dusk. Sheesh.

So I went out to do it over again but there had been a big rain, with giant hail, and the prairie dogs were mostly in their burrows already. So then I figured I'll put on my regular kit lens and do the sky and forest, and I did. The sunset was the best one of the summer so far. And then I saw some deer and they crossed the road right in front of me. I was sitting in the truck. I was sitting in the truck changing lenses. Why I oughta! And I missed the deer completely. Well, another day, another penny. I'm going out in the morning for more, (hopefully actually successful) test shots. I have to be as sure as I can that I have a good copy because if there's anything wrong with it I only have a seven day return policy.

It's just a plain forest picture. No big. The deer walk through there. Oh, one ran through the campground today! Poor thing was scared. We also saw what we think was a muskrat in the Belle Fourche River, pronounced Bell Fooosh.