Sunday, July 15, 2007


It's hot here all right! This isn't Nova Scotia weather, that's for sure. We're having a good time. I walk in the evenings. Husband took me for a drive one morning at 6:00am but it was a bust. Hardly any wildlife compared to the day before when I wasn't with him!

Pictures for today. I wanted to post them in chronological order but I guess it doesn't really matter. I feel like putting up today's, so I will take my time and post others in good time. I am always disappointed when I have no pictures to play with in CS2 so at least I have a collection on the back burner to keep me busy for awhile. I have one of an old barn that I want to make into monotone. Black and white.

A tan horse. He was the prettiest of all of them out in the field. I've been out twice shooting horses and my first set was awful. Who doesn't love horses, especially when you don't see them every day. But when I downloaded the pictures I hate to say it but those horsies were ugly. I didn't notice in the field that their fur looked like they had the mange or something. I think it could have been patchy variance in color but it didn't look good in .jpg format at all!

Was he out drinkin' late last night? He's got a bit o' the red eye. Haha!

Lots of white tailed deer here. I've seen several fawns with spots still. They're so sweet. Kind of smart too because they stay hidden even when mama is grazing. As I came home yesterday from walking I found myself about ten feet away from a doe. I looked at her and she at me, and it wasn't till she turned and ran that I realized her fawn was behind a bush right next to her. I barely saw the fawn.

It's frustrating. The wildlife is generally too far for my DSLR lens which is 28-135mm. It's taken a good six months but now I use my DSLR for everything. My other little Canon, the S2IS, takes up to eight minute movies, pretty decent quality, (and no one really needs more than eight minutes at a time, do they) so it's pretty much the only reason I carry it now. Took me a long time to wean myself from it. I felt safe with it. But I realized tonight that now that I am used to my DSLR I don't want to use my little camera anymore. What a change! It has more optical zoom, yes, but lacks photo quality in comparision.

So I have ordered a telephoto lens. I'm so excited and I just hope the shipment arrives on time and that the lens is perfect with no defects or problems. I hope, I hope, I hope.

Just think how I could have utilized it today. Guess what I saw. A porcupine! They're nocturnal so you never see them during the day. It was dusk and I couldn't make out what it was. It was slow, and brown, and fuzzy looking. So I walked down a hill. Luckily I didn't run into any bad bugs or snakes. I got closer till I was within eight feet. I was afraid of him and he was afraid of me. Haha! And I am saddened because due to the low light and me maybe not knowing the best settings, he is blurry. Such a disappointment for me. But I shall try again. And perhaps Jehovah will send me another moment. Even though the photo is not print quality, the memory I have now is pretty excellent. Moments. They're special, and usually quick. You have to be open to them to experience one.

I had a second "almost" moment today. I've been trying to catch a prairie dog giving out his warning. They jump and stand tall on their back feet and yip. It's so cute. Well, here's my other "almost" shot of the day:

Back to the drawing board. It's in focus. His face is darling. You can almost see the pads on his paws. I just missed getting his head in the frame, that's all. :) Serenity now!