Monday, July 02, 2007

The boots I covet

My hiking boots are about done. I got them two years ago at the Grand Tetons and they're very tired out. I've coveted this particular style of boot ever since I saw Aubony's. Aubony is a rough, tough woman I know who works in law enforcement who can make you say 'Uncle' anytime she wants. If you're a friend of hers she's a sweetheart. And she has a beautiful Swissie dog (Swiss Mountain dog) that the breeders gave her at no cost because she rescued their dog when he was lost. I am just an acquaintance but she's been an angel to our son. Aubony has a heart for kids and animals. Maybe if I wear the same boots I'll be as tuff as she is! Sounds perfectly logical to me. I don't need police academy training, just the shoes. And it happens that I have seen a similar pair at the Outdoors Outfitters in town here. I think they had my name on them too. But can I convince someone else of that. Maybe, maybe.

When we were in San Diego I bought the stupidist shoes. Really stupid shoes. I bought the kind of shoes my sister likes, and I like how she dresses. Usually. Anyways, I bought strappy black platform sandals with soft, pretty sort of felt on the sides. Yeah. Platforms sandals don't fare so well in the dirt, neither do thin beaded straps, and neither does felt. Let's think. Where am I the minute I walk out my front door? Standing on dirt or maybe grass. Sheesh. WHAT was I thinking.

See the problem is covetousness. The problem is the desire to have those things you see other people have and you think you need them and you think you want them. I've fashioned our life so we're not around that influence anymore, not 24/7 anyway, and I deluded myself into thinking I'd changed. Oh I always think I'm changing and I turn out to be exactly the same as I ever was. I bought a load of junk that I didn't need in San Diego. I mean, there we were camping right smack dab in the middle of every store imaginable within a ten mile radius. Who could resist. I was deluded. Thought I needed those shoes.

These boots are what I should have gotten. These boots are Liliana! And they'll last a long time. These shoes are sensible. And honest, and worthy, and the ad says I'll be ready for action anytime! The ad says they will help me meet the demands of my job. This is key. I need these shoes.