Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My husband peels potatoes

He misses the trash can a little bit. lol! I don't mind cleaning up!

There's a good article at CNN about working moms going part time or leaving the work force to rear their own children. All things go in a circle, don't they. Those of us who grew us with moms working out of the home full time and who've been insulted by the feminists because we value raising our own kids instead of being in the workplace, well, it's come full circle. Staying at home at least part time is what a many women really want to do.
CNN - More working moms dream of going part-time

My new 100mm-400mm Canon camera lens is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I checked the UPS tracking. The camera lens has a learning curve and I hope I learn fast. My current lens is just too short to shoot wildlife but I say, I'm developing an eye to see the wildlife. Last night I stood for a long time at the place where I saw the porcupine. No porcupine came around but I spied with my little eye a raccoon. The thing is, with my eyes I could barely make him out. I decided to snap into the dark anyway and my camera shows him better than I could see him. Still, he's too far away for a good picture. I fiddled with my settings for a better shot and looked back up...and he was gone.