Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Traffic control

Tomorrow we do four hours of traffic control from 5pm to 9pm. Not looking forward to it, but at least we won't be in the hot sun. Monday is 4th of July. We worked the Visitor's Center for an hour today. It wasn't too bad. We didn't get backed up. We're expecting well over 100,000 visitors for the week-end. They're already here some of them. Our loop is full and the shoreline is filling up. There was a car crash in the park today, but people weren't hurt.

My bellydance friend phoned me today and invited me to El Paso to watch her perform and do some workshops. I'm not going to go. I feel badly about the other girl who would share a room with us. She's a beautiful and talented dancer. Her father a Baptist minister. Something about her aches my heart.  Is it the Holy Spirit?

I think she sells her body, that is, she sells her self. They think poor little Lil is blind. It's the body the men want, but the self gets taken in the bargain. One can say she keeps her self separate, but it's a slow death of the heart. The money and the travel she finds irresistible. I think she cannot be paid enough for the part of her inside self that's getting ruined. And children are not dumb. Sooner or later they know what their mother is doing. It's not a good living. It's a bad living. Pretty it up with expensive clothes and exotic places for a season. One day you wake up older and still alone in your parent's home.

Me. I'd rather be a secretary making minimum wage eating Rosarita Refrieds every night and take care of myself.


Face to the Sunshine said...

Reading about the woman who lets men use her, for money, makes me cry. You are right, there is something inside her that must die every time. I will pray for her to find redemption, freedom, and love in Jesus, because He can set the captives free!

SchnauzerMom said...

I have heard that a lot of times minister's children act up and get in trouble because their father spends so much time dealing with the people of the church that he doesn't spend enough time with his kids. I hope someday the Lord brings her out of that lifestyle.

I will probably spend the 4th at home under the AC.

Liliana said...

Yes, it's heartbreaking and really weird to feel it so close to me. One time she said to me that she's Christian too, but not a very good one. I felt very bad that I didn't have something to say. I didn't know what to say. Next time it happens I will say He sets the captives free. I think when someone has a remark like hers is a good time to quote the Bible. I study and memorize verses more now than I did then.

I will pray for her too.