Sunday, June 27, 2010


I ordered a pizza for dinner. Went to pick it up and they said they had no order for me. I was a little bent out of shape because we were hungry. They asked if I ordered it from their store and I said, Well, of course I did.

Then I sat down and thought for a minute. Looked at my phoney-phone-phone. Looked up the numbaroo I dialed. I guess I put the number for Pizza Hut in my phone when we were visiting California. Ordered a pizza two states away. Whoopsie! I didn't pick it up either!


yrautca said... are hilarious. That was priceless.

SchnauzerMom said...

How funny! They're probably wondering why no one picked it up. lol

Anonymous said...

Jules, I almost spewed coffee all over my keyboard. Oh my. Hilarious! ;)

Liliana said...

Oh I'm so bad. They didn't call me back or anything. I thought they might call me and charge me for the pizza then my husband will take a piece outta me. Maybe they chocked it up to kids making a prank call or something, or ditzy ex-California girls. Also, when I tried to find the calls log on my stupid little phone it popped right out of my hand and slid across the tiled floor and I was trying to put my reading glasses on too, and I almost poked my own eye with the end of the glasses. Really, I'm such a dork sometimes. My son was laughing and embarrassed at the same time.