Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hot, hot, hot

It's hot.  Outside temp is 96º and it's only noon.  We're hoping our trailie a/c will handle the load okay.  If not, small possibility we'd have to rent a house or apartment for the summer.  I pray it doesn't come to that.

I'm pleased with my new route.  I found that I can take a park trail almost all the way to the city's newly paved multi-use path. I read sand is good to run in, but my ankles like the paved path better.  So.  Asked husband to measure the distance and the path I jogged last night is one mile and the park trail is .5 mile.  That means I walk jogged three miles and of that jogged one mile.  Oooohweee.  For me, that's good.  I waited till the sun was almost down because it'd be crazy to run in the sun.  They have some cute three level water fountains on the path: tall for adults, small for children, and low to the ground for dogs.  Cute!  But they're not turned on yet.

I'm practicing my Zumba routines every day.  I figure it'll give me a head start so I can teach a class as soon as possible after I get certified.  YouTube is a gold mine.  A friend here got a Zumba CD to get ready for when I'm certified and she said she told her friends I'll be teaching.  It kinda pumped me up.  Then even better, whilst I was running the multi-use path yesterday a rig drove by and honked at me.  He did the honkity, honk, honk, HONK HONK, tune.  Well, that inspired me to run the whole mile and hold my stomach in real hard.  I found a very good running bra at Wal-Mart - two for $11.00.  It's better than the more expensive ones I bought at the mall.  My sister told me about them.  She's always telling me about good products.  She's a shopaholic.

Son is out playing at a friend's house.  My husband came home and said the friend said to tell me that he's playing baseball tonight at 7:00pm and I can come take pictures if I want.  Haha!  That's a hint if ever I heard one.  I should go tonight.  He's a sweet kid and I do like him and his family.

Overall, I feel exceedingly well.  Last week was a bad week.  I didn't even realize I was peri-menopausal premenstrual.  Fun combination to be sure.  My husband commented that I was very quiet and I told him it was because I was afraid of what I might say!  It's a little funny now, but last week it wasn't funny.  I can hear somebody chewing and feel like I'm gonna implode and I have to make myself say nothing because nothing nice will come out of my mouth if I let it.

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SchnauzerMom said...

It's very hot here too, got up to around 99 today. I hope you can stay in your RV. When I first entered into menopause I was really crabby and irritable. I believe I've passed through that now.