Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Horse dreams

I'm getting good at grooming Bella. Son gave her a bath about three weeks ago and washed the winter season away and that one bath has made such a difference. When I brush her now I can get the white very white. I brought all my grooming tools home and cleaned them yesterday.

We bought 100 bales of hay for her this week and unloaded them too.  Above is a picture of 100 bales.  I have a bruise on my thigh from trying to carry a bale on my side like Leah. Here I am jogging and Zumba-ing and I was huffing and puffing carrying this hay. Leah wasn't fazed. She wasn't even breathing heavily. Sheesh.

Son has trained Bella so well that when I was washing her foot today she picked it up for me. Sweet little thing, she is.

We'd like, ideally, to buy 80 more bales. Cecilio said that 180 bales would be enough for one year, but I don't think we have a place to store 80 more. That's too bad.

Tonight husband said maybe sometime he will buy me a horse. I was so surprised! Completely surprised. I don't know if it could ever really happen, but it's nice to think it's possible. It gives me nice dreams. I love to think of Bella's body and brushing her. I bought her some fly spray called Endura and I hope it's effective. It should be delivered next week. The flies are so pesky and land on her eyes. I don't like that. She's perfect when I wipe her eyes with a cloth now. It's a part of my grooming routine that she wasn't crazy about at first. She'd swish her head around. Now she stands perfectly.

She's a little depressed though. Her friend, Bailey, and her mom got moved. The pasture is supposed to get planted but the man has still not come to do it. Bella only has mean Dancer next to her and Dancer's baby. Bella and the baby like each other but that darn Dancer has nipped Bella's behind twice now.

I wash Bella's water barrel once or twice a week. As soon as we put her back in her corral area the first thing she does is drink. She loves fresh water. She knows we love her. I cleaned Dancer's two water barrels today too.

I'm going to bed and will dream a dream of my own horse someday. I still haven't gone riding. That's a bit dorky. I'm putting the dreaming ahead of the experiencing. Even if it never happens, we have Bella. Everyone says we spoil her. No, we love her.

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SchnauzerMom said...

I don't think you're spoiling her. She needs the attention. Getting your own horse sounds exciting. It would also be a companion for Bella.