Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A finding

I find that when I go to sleep at night I'm very comforted by the feeling of my iPod in my hand. I always keep it right under my pillow so I can feel around and find it, in the dark, without ever waking up my husband. Last night I didn't even need to put my ear pods in my ears. Are they called ear pods. The ear thingies. I didn't even put them in. I was holding my iPod, my pillow all soft and puffy around my head, my blankets tucked under my chin just right, and I drifted off into a sweet sleep. I said my prayers but didn't finish with "in the name of Jesus." I popped awake and added a few more people and told God these are all together in one batch even though I went to sleep for a few minutes in between, in the name of Jesus, your precious Son, amen. Then I slept all night. I slumbered which is to be dormant or quiescent. This is a good thing for the insomniac, which I hate to use that word, so rather let me say, when you're a night owl.


SchnauzerMom said...

I'm glad that you got a good night's sleep. I used to be a night owl but seem to be changing.

Starla said...

Buds. Ear buds. :o)