Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A day

There was a huge sandstorm for about an hour yesterday. Husband left the truck windows cracked so sand got all inside the truck. He left the awning down for shade while we were gone to the laundromat so when we got home it was ripped and partly folded. Our front door blew open because someone, who hereby shall remain unnamed but it wasn't me, didn't close the door properly. The air conditioner was running - cooling down the outside world. Husband did considerable yelling.

After I looked everything over and sat down I said, "Well, nothing was stolen. It could be worse." So to me, much relieved, as long as all we did was cool the outside for awhile and rip the awning, why get in an uproar. Repair cost for the awning will cause some pain. But overall, it'll be all right.

The 4-H meeting was pretty good. I need to look up parliamentarian procedures because the kids are supposed to be using parliamentarian procedures and I don't know how to do it, but I know they're not doing it. I need to buy a gavel for our 4-H president. I like him a lot. He's a neat kid. I'm going to have a private talk with one of our boys who laughed and goofed off during Pledge of Allegiance - and he was leading the pledge. I think we should have him do it again and do it right and respectfully. I spoke with a 4-H grama who sat next to me. Her son was in Afghanistan then sent to Iraq where he died during his second tour. She told me he was killed by a roadside bombing. So far from home and love. She didn't cry and I tried not to. So I'm gonna share this with the young man and I believe it'll make an impression on him. During the meeting something came up. I forget what it was now, but I said, "That's anti-American." I wonder if that's why she told me about her boy. I'm a flag waver for sure. Her name is burned on my brain. Sandra. I never remember names, but I'll remember Sandra.

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SchnauzerMom said...

I'm surprised that we haven't had any dust or sandstorms here. We usually have at least one a year. It's very sad about the lady losing her son.