Friday, June 18, 2010

I short. I'm SHORT.

I signed up at the gym last night and thought they were having aerobics but it was yoga.  It was a great class.  My abs are sore today. I was the only student.  When I was attending a year ago the gym was busier.  I wonder where everyone went.  They only have aerobics once a week now.  Mondays.  Step aerobics.  I'm going to go and not use the step.  The step slowly kills my feet and knees. It doesn't happen right away.  It's subtle.  Devious.  Once it hurts then it hurts for months.

Got my new pants yesterday.  Rushed to try them on and was so disappointed that I didn't look like the model.  Unfortunately, a 5'1" person cannot look like a 5'9" person in pants.  My husband loved them on me, but I was a little blue.  They're hipster pants and they go only 1.5" or 2" below my belly button.  That model had miles and miles of tummy showing below her belly button and looked so pretty.  Not that I planned on wearing a crop top and showing my tum, but all my tops are long.  In fact the fashion is long tops so all of mine completely cover up the detailing at the waist.  I may as well be wearing plain black pants and save a lot of money if the pink and white and the drawstring doesn't show.

I shopped last night online for a shorter top and found a couple possibilities.  I neatly folded the pants the way they came, using the same creases, and put them back in their package thinking 50/50 I might return them today.  They are very well made and the supplex/lycra fabric has absolutely fantastic holding power.  I wondered how those girls keep their behinds from shaking like jello.  It's the pants!  The pants make you look really firm.  I need pants like this for my entire body.

But during the night, my great thinking time, I got a bright idea.  I remember the girls in dance would bunch their shirts up at the side or back and put a band on it.  I put on my pants and tried it with one of my tops and it worked!  Yay.  It doesn't ride up, yet is cute.  Success.  Problem solved.  I still will order a top or two to see if I can get two tops to go with the pants for variety.

Baz Luhrmann says don't read fashion magazines.  They will make you feel ugly.  And take care of your knees he says.  You'll miss them when they're gone.  I never appreciated how important they are till recently. 

Son is taking the semester test for life science.  I hope he does well.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Thanks for the video that was good. Personally I hate pants that ride low on the hips. I like mine at the waist.