Thursday, June 24, 2010

A day

Miss him. He's gone to 4-H Pig School. I've been looking forward to him being gone so we could be free. Now he's gone and I'm somewhat miserable. What's this? A crack in my exterior?

Guess I'll hem my pants. I got some new tops. Here's one. I got the pink one. It's superly, duperly cute. I hope it washes well. I bought everything in a size large which is inch-wise one size too big, but everything fit. Some of the reviews said to buy one size up. I like those reviews. Sometimes they're pretty helpful. A lot of the dancewear does run small. If you have any actual curves you may burst the seams. I might cut off the sleeve ribbon. It's actually cute, but may be too muchy cutie for me. I do like off the shoulder stuff. Selena schooled me on a bunch of fashion tips and she said the fashion mag informed her that my build looks best in off the shoulder garments.

Saw about a dozen baby quail yesterday. A big batch.

I'm a little homesick and I'm the one at home.

I deleted the "Rockstar" by Prima J song from my list. Well, might keep the song because it cracks me up, but turned out the video is too jumpy for me. . . . Not in favor of the jumping.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Cute blouse, I think the ribbon would get on my nerves.