Friday, June 11, 2010

Cute pants I hope

My husband was gone for two days. Everything was fine while he was gone. No emergencies or breakdowns which is good because he took the truck and if there was an emergency I'd have no transportation.  We have good neighbors though. Our son was a great help to me and I told him he reminded me of the character of Travis in one of my favorite books, Old Yeller. When Travis' dad leaves the family to go to Abilene, Travis takes on all of his father's responsibilities and does a good job too. What would I do without him? I don't know. We stayed up late because we couldn't sleep well with husband gone. I accidentally made up a funny voice and couldn't stop using it and made son laugh and laugh till midnight.

We are all together again and it is good.

The graham crackers were calling me from the kitchen cupboard to our bedroom very loudly last night. I lay in bed trying to distract myself by listening to my iPod. Milk said, "Get up and come to the refrigerator.  I'm cold and delicious. Pour a tall glass and have only one graham cracker." My tummy grumbled. Of course the milk knows I never, but never, eat only one graham cracker. I finally fell asleep. Go me!

Ordered a pair of pants for Zumba. I hope they fit well.


SchnauzerMom said...

I wouldn't dream of squeezing my out of shape bod in those pants. They look cute though.

Mrs. Benfield said...

Being apart is difficult. Next month my hubby is going to be gone for 5 weeks but that's one of the shorter times we've been apart thanks to the military! :D

Those pants are really cute. Where did you order them from? Ever since you started posting about Zumba, I've been hearing more and more about it and now the gym where my son goes for day camp is starting up a class next month! I'm so excited!!

Liliana said...

Hi SchnauzerMom! Well I read about your feet today (the ungrateful feet - sounds like a book title) and I know it must be awful. I get an achy knee and either one or the other foot bothers me a tad now and then. I wore pumps a lot though. I never wore those awful witchy high heeled pumps though. Now those are some ugly shoes!

Mrs. B., go to and you'll find the pants. Planet Body also has cute pants but they're over $100.00 so I thought these a better buy. Zumba has cargo pants but, meh, I like the hip hugger flared legs style much better. I thought I was getting in on Zumba late, but yeah, like you say it's getting a bit of a buzz here too. I was so surprised to hear a friend talking about it here. I hope it doesn't go out of style before July. Heh.

My husband did rare traveling and when he was gone I'd get all independent then we'd be out of kilter as a couple when he got back. But being military wife you would know much more about that than I. I used to worry about the refrigerator going out when he was gone. Silly thing to obsess about. I'd check and recheck it to see if it was leaking and/or still working.