Saturday, June 19, 2010

A mere 15 minutes

I have all of 15 minutes of Zumba songs memorized.  I have 45 minutes to go.  Ohmygosh.  It's taken me a month to memorize this much.  I have to go faster.

In college I had nearly enough dance credits to minor in dance.  One class stopped me.  Choreography.  I was afraid to take choreography.  You had to audition students, pick music, create choreography, teach it, and see it performed in the once yearly Student Dance Concert. The college had a very good dance department and they still give performances, to this day, to a full house. How I wish I had expressed my fear with someone who could have encouraged me.  I was too quiet though.  Twenty-five years later I have the opportunity to do what I was too chicken to do back then. 

"If you can hear the inaudible, think the unthinkable, see the invisible, believe the incredible, you can do the impossible."  

In the Zumba class I know we're going to break up into groups of four and each student must come up with choreography to a song.  I can see that it is potentially fun because it's cool to see how differently each person interprets music with their body, but it's, it's, it's. . . . choreography.

"If you can hear the inaudible, think the unthinkable, see the invisible, believe the incredible, you can do the impossible." 

I once attended a cattle call for dancers at Disneyland in L.A. A cattle call is when anyone is welcome to apply. I danced woefully badly because one of the qualities needed for professional success as a dancer is to pick up dance steps quickly. I never did pick up steps quickly. I can learn them well. I can make them my own. But I need time and I have never been able to do it fast. Man, we danced across this mondo humongous auditorium and let me say this about that - the walk back to my seat after a very public failure was the farthest, longest walk of my life.

After I get 60 minutes of songs memorized I'll have a base to add to and change around. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.


Mrs. Benfield said...

You CAN do it! :D

I can relate with being to afraid to try things when you were younger but wished you had. At least you are attempting it now. It's probably from the realization that no one is going to judge you for it.

SchnauzerMom said...

When I was young I was so shy I hardly did anything new and different. I'm more open to new things now.