Saturday, July 03, 2010


Work went fine today. It was one hour in the Visitor's Center and two hours directing traffic. I was lucky that at 3pm the sun was making a wee bit of shade for me next to the building. I stood with my back slick against the wall to try to be in its shade. I had one person go through and I think she didn't pay. I think she had a blank receipt in her window and she was hoping I couldn't read it from as far away as I was. I let her go through because it's not like I could leave the gate open and walk to the other side of the lane. The other person who was almost a problem was in a motorhome and decided he was going to have a conversation with me. I told him he's blocking the emergency lane and please pull to the side and get out and go in the Visitor's Center. He was very nice and understanding, so it wasn't a bad experience. It was hot though. My ears went weird. It was like they were stuffy and when I talked I could hear myself very loudly in my head. I wonder if it was the heat. Anyway, it was a bummer. Took an hour to go away after we got home. Tomorrow will be the busiest day.

In the Visitor's Center I so don't want to make a mistake. I told the gal from Santa Fe that I'm better at the window than the counter and she let me work the window. I like her. But I'm such a nervous Nellie. My hands shake a tiny bit and I'm sure she noticed because she asked me if I'm okay. "Oh I'm fine," I said. She probably thinks I'm on meds. No, I'm not on meds. It's the natural me.

The other volunteers who worked a different kiosk are upset. They came up $64.00 short. I've never come up short to date. I take the cash, say out loud the amount charged and the amount the customer gives me, set it on the register, give them their change, and then I place the money in the drawer only after they see their change so if they argue with me I can show them the cash they handed me.

The boys in the kiosk today were young. Hired for the summer months. An employee came in and told them to look sharp because the director of state parks (the entire state) was here. One kid said he didn't care. Said he wasn't trying to impress anyone. What a shame. You never know when you may make an impression and it could work in your favor in the future. One boy said to the other, "I'll be back. I gotta take a p*ss break." They knew I'm standing right by the open window. Yuck. He also made a big sound like an old man and spit. I was quite grossed out. The other boy sloshed water in his mouth and spit it out. I don't know why and I don't want to know why. Suffice to say, I'm unimpressed by the local boys. The employee pool here is pretty shallow. I daresay they both lack motivation, initiative, and drive, and I predict they will not go far. Pity the girls who marry them. My husband says men aren't supposed to spit when women are around. I was married to him for 12 years before I ever knew he spit. He only did it when he ran when he was preparing for the LA Marathon. I saw him do it by accident. I was shocked! It's never happened since.

I'm making a disco CD for him. I like researching music. Talk about shallow. My vast knowledge of '70s and '80s music makes me pretty shallow. I used to be so embarrassed that he liked the Bee Gees. I was disdainful of disco. His daughter would slide down real low in the front seat of the car so no one would see her with him when he listened to the Bee Gees. Haha! Strange thing has happened in 30 years. The Bee Gees and Donna Summer songs made me smile. What's up with that.

I also downloaded "You Dropped A Bomb On Me" by The Gap Band. It so reminds me of dancing in 1983 at 94th Aero Squadron before I was married. Used to go with Lisa and Mary. Lisa was my friend until I met my husband. It was so weird. When I was single and sad she was a great friend, but when I met a really good guy she kicked me to the curb. I should think she would have been happy for me, but she stopped being my friend. She and Mary and I were room mates. I moved out soon after and that was the end of that.

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