Saturday, July 03, 2010

Almost done

Just finished working lunch break at the Visitor's Center. It's crazy. It's a steady influx of cars and trailers. I didn't make any boo-boos so it's another good day. I decided to drink decaf tea instead of coffee this morning and it helped. I still had a stomach ache at the start of the hour, but once I was working I forgot about it. Husband talked with Mona, the beautiful Mona, and she says she thinks after 6:00 we don't need to direct traffic. We're schedule for 5pm to 9pm. I hope we get dismissed at 6pm! I think we will because everyone can come in for free for the fireworks after 6pm. That's mighty nice of the state and the Friends community group to put on such a spectacular fireworks show and let people enter the park for free.

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