Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer break

Gave our son the next two weeks off from homeschooling. He got a job too. Today he earned twenty bucks. He's working tomorrow too. He's a server and a dishwasher and a plate preparer. Today was not very busy for him though. I think Saturday will be far busier. School starts here in New Mexico on August 16 so families will all have a last fling for the summer and will spend money on burgers and such. They wanted him to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I said no to Sunday because he needs to attend church. He complained bitterly and I said, well, how do you think you got this job? God brought you to it so don't you be complaining. God gave you a good brain and strong arms and legs. God provides us with opportunity. Don't you complain. We go to church once a week to get refreshed in order to face the next six days. Don't you complain! My husband supported me too! Three days of work is too much for a 13 year old anyway. I wager he'll thank me for insisting that two days is enough.

Some people say how can they get to church on Sunday when they have so much to do. Or they're so tired. I say how can I not go to church when I have things to do or when I'm tired. Even when I have the blahs I go on Sunday. If I have something major coming up I need time in God's house before I go on. Nine times out of ten I feel better, refreshed, invigorated, stronger afterward. But I have the unction of the Holy Spirit. It pushes me. I read about unction in one of John's epistles. Epistle is a fancy word for a letter. When he was old, John, one of the apostles of Jesus, wrote three letters to Christians everywhere round about 90 A.D. He wrote the three letters called First John, Second John, and Third John, plus he wrote the Gospel of John. Plus what else? He wrote the book of Revelation. That's why he's also known as John the Revelator.

Unction is a compelling force within you from the Holy Spirit and is mentioned in 1John 2:20. I'm sure I must have unction. I can't stop myself and people get tired of me. I wish I had a little Bible group to go to.

Washed my hair and it's nice and soft. I brushed Bella and Nike a little, but not enough. I think we're going to Cruces tomorrow. I can't think of anything I need. There are so many stores there. I should want something but I can't think of anything.

I went through my Zumba playlist and danced the songs I know. I've had several people ask me when classes will start and I have to tell them I'm not ready. I'm trying not to get a complex about it. I love that people are excited and asking but I think people do not realize how much memorization it requires. I have nine more routines to memorize. After my workshop on the 17th I decided to try to learn them simultaneously but I don't think it's working. I'm going to go back to learning one at a time; the method that is tried and true for me. In the past two weeks I've really only learned one routine thoroughly all the way through. The others I know bits of and what use is a bit. I could dance them over and over and if I don't learn the entire thing, a bit is not going to help. Not one bit. Meh.

What was Jesus' last commandment? The Great Commission. Which prophet is the only prophet who knew God face to face. Moses. I read the Song of Moses in Exodus all morning this morning.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Usually when I don't want to go to church the pastor is going to preach something that I really need to hear.